Welcome to a new Season of Blood Bowl!


“Hello and welcome to a new season of Blood Bowl!”
“That’s correct, folks, you heard Jim right. Blood Bowl is back. And it is as brutal as ever!”
“There’s no doubt on that, Bob. We all remember the unfortunate events 3 years ago when the league got to a halt and Nuffle took the sport with him. But, praise Nuffle, it is back before the whole world collapsed.”
“True, Jim, very true. It has been some tough three years. But now, the ÑAF has been remade, most of the teams reformed and some of the stars even managed to return so Blood Bowl will be back to its former glory in no time.”
“Only minutes away now from the first match of the 2491 season! Let’s give way to a short documentary about these troubled years and the creation of ÑAF!…”


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